We are living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet a large number of families still struggle financially.

  • 33%, or more than 77 million, of Americans don't pay their bills on time.
  • 39% carry credit card debt from month to month.
  • Only 59% of adults say they have savings.

Most of us don't wait to become a statistic to know that we're in trouble. Financial issues are all around us because of a lack of understanding, planning, and support. Our organization is on a national campaign for financial literacy, to educate one million families by 2020. Our mission is to help families understand the fundamentals of building wealth. We believed that financially literate communities create better futures.

This one hour workshop will cover core financial concepts:

  1. How to build a strong financial foundation
  2. The wealth formula
  3. The rule of 72
  4. The importance of time
  5. Understanding the real rate of return
  6. Inflation: the silent killer
  7. Taking care of your family now and planning your future

Financial independence should not be a dream, it should be a priority.


Refreshments and snacks will be provided

6:00--6:30: Networking

6:30--7:30: Workshop

7:30--8:00: Q&A


Microsoft Store - Westfield San Francisco Centre

845 Market Street 2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103


Microsoft Store - 2nd Floor
865 Market Street San Francisco California 94103

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