When Max Wahl, Evan Bambico, and Josh Candelaria formed their philanthropically-focused wine club at Santa Clara University in 2014, they knew that they had been united by a passion to expose an origin story that is all too familiar to many United States citizens: one of economic hardship and constant strain.

Having been the beneficiaries of scholarships themselves, they knew all too well of the financial burden and isolation that they would have suffered if they hadn’t been granted economic opportunity: on their campus and across the country, they witnessed and heard stories of many students who struggled in academics and opted out of extracurriculars because they needed to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Max, Evan, and Josh realized that when a student is constantly under the boot of financial hardship, it is very challenging to reach any kind of personal pinnacle, or to contribute to an innovative, just, and thriving community. And of course, they knew that on any campus, the absence of these students’ voices contributes to cultural blind spots and limited discourse.

But rather than accepting these challenges as “insurmountable” or “inevitable”, the founders of Scholar Wine saw an opportunity: they would marry the wine-rich cultural tradition of their Jesuit institution with the mission of providing scholarships to low-income, first-generation college students, and in the process, they would raise awareness about income inequality in environments where such a conversation has typically been non-existent.

By providing premium, sophisticated bar-catering services to corporations and private parties for all kinds of events, Scholar Wine and its knowledgeable, passionate volunteers are getting both the drinks and the important conversations flowing in companies like Salesforce.com, Equinox Gyms, and Capital One.

Scholar Wine’s diverse panel of volunteers consists of individuals who are not only trained bartenders, but philanthropists in their own right, looking to give back to their communities and to fuel educational and economic opportunities for those who would not otherwise have them.

The clients who have worked with Scholar Wine are grateful not only for the fabulous events, but for the ability to spark culture-shifting conversations within their own organizations in a fun, new way. And of course, who doesn’t want to contribute to a worthy cause while having a smashing-good time?


Whether you're looking to enchant your clients and prospects, congratulate your colleagues on a stellar accomplishment, or just throw a fabulous party, our trained volunteers will never fail to keep the drinks and the conversation flowing. We'll work with you to customize every aspect of your event, from the bar menu to the visual aesthetic, to match the atmosphere you want.

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