How We Donate 


Scholar Wine believes that all students deserve the oppourtunity to learn, to get involved on campus, and to pursue lucrative and fulfilling careers after graduation day. By easing financial burden for students from diverse bacgrounds, our scholarship funds empower these students with more time to study, pursue theur passions, build their dream resumes, and ultimately give back to their communities. 

Our Scholars


Our Scholars come from unique backgrounds and have diverse perspectives. We are always excited to hear their voices and see their actions out in the world. Scholar Wine currently has talented scholarship recipients at UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and San Jose State University, all working hard to pave their paths to success. 

The Cost of Education 


The cost of attaining a college degree in the United States has reached record highs. The five, or often six-figure costs of tuition, textbooks, and housing force promising, college-bound students to turn to expensive loans resulting in years of debt, stress, and even depression and anxiety, Scholar Wine is working to rewrite the story of what it looks like to be a low-income student on campus.


Hena Khairzadah


Hena Khairzadah, a rising Senior at the University of California, Berkeley is majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Neurobiology. During her first few semesters of college Hena had to take time off from school so she could work full-time and financially support herself and her immediate family, Scholar Wine provided her with the addtional financial support she needed in order to continue pursuing her dreams.

"While at UC Berkely, I've been able to head a Global Medical Brigades clinic, begin my own non-profit, and am on the road to medical school to become a neurosurgeon."

Ronaleya Day 


Ronaleya Day is an exceptional scholar majoring in this at Santa Clara Univeristy. Her story is one of inspariation and frustration as she has combatted hardship here and there. However her passions are blah blah blah. Ronaleya is supplementing her involce though our new work study programs. 

David Kim 


David is a Mechanical Engineering major with an Aerospace Engineering minor at Santa Clara University. As a first-generation collge student, David has been able to succeed because of his strong, personal drive and support from his family. During his college career, he has always worked or had an internship to support himself in addition to his financial assistance. He is immendely appreciative of his family, friends, and the oppourtunities provided by organizations such as Scholar Wine. David acknowledges his fortunate oppourtunity to attend a four year university and is excited for his soon-to-be senior year. 

"I am extremely honored and thankful for Scholar Wine for assisting me in pursuing my academic and professional goals. As a newfound member of the donations team, I hope to be able to give back to Scholar Wine for all the love and support they have shown me so they can continue to provide for future generations." 

David Kim, Scholar Wine Award Recipient





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